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We offer several fingerprinting services for the community.
  1. Level 2 Live Scan electronic fingerprinting.  This service elecronicly sends your finger prints to FDLE who forwards them to the FBI. The results are then sent to the state agency that is requiring the background check. We DO NOT recieve the results.
  2. Level 1 backround check. This is a hard copy fingerprint check with FDLE only. This is a hard copy background check, meaning your fingerprints are scanned, then printed to a fingerprint card and mailed to FDLE. The results are then sent only to your employer. (This is for non state required fingerprints)
  3. Concealed weapon permits - Must be done by a law enforcement agency, e.g. sheriff or local police.
  4. Notary Public


Fees are based on several factors.
  1. Each state agency that requests background checks have there own fee that the FDLE charges
  2. There is a fee that the service provider charge for taking the fingerprints and transmiting them
  3. There is a $10.00 fee for printing fingerprint cards
Service Fee - Service fees can vary depending on the type of service we provide.
  1. In office service
  2. Mobile service
  3. Groups of 10+
  4. Corporate contract

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